The Art of Looking Glamorous while Jogging

Katherine Jenkins ran the London Marathon last week. Something to be celebrated, surely.

She ran it in memory of her father and in doing so raised £23,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Even more cause for celebration, right?

Yeah, sure. Unless you’re the Daily Mail. Jan Moir has blasted Jenkins for looking groomed while doing so, and not really sweating very much. I say groomed, she was wearing some make up (less than usual) and had her hair tied back. If I was a celebrity, I’d wear make up to run a marathon – why put yourself out there, knowing you’ll get photographed when you’re looking a bit skanky? Also, what hairstyle should she have gone for? She had a ponytail, along with almost every other woman running. Oh yeah, shock horror – she wore SUNGLASSES! DEVIL WOMAN!

I think Moir was trying to make what can be seen as a valid point. Jenkins does often seem a bit self promoting. However, she’s a celebrity and that’s her job. I’m not a fan of hers, and I have been known to complain about her always being on the telly, but I’m not going to launch some vitriolic campaign against her because of that, and I’m certainly not going to accuse her of running a marathon in a respectable time and raising a shit load of cash for charity for her own selfish purposes. Unless you count remembering your dad as selfish.

The Daily Mail is the biggest new site in the world, I think mostly because the gossip pages are an easy way to pass a lunchtime. It’s always a surprise to see the bland and generally poorly written celebrity articles running alongside the right wing, euro sceptic, racist ones.

In the end something good has come of this – Macmillan Cancer Support have received a lot of publicity and Jenkins continues to receive donations from people keen to spite the Mail.

What do you think?

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