Booty issues

After suffering with increasingly bad pain in one foot for two years I finally braved a trip to the podiatrist the other week. She measured and prodded and took moulds and I am now the proud owner of some fairly dainty little insoles. They go quite nicely with my different length legs, flat arches and arthritic big toe.

I am promised that they will become comfy within ten days, my toe will stop hurting within three months, and I won’t need to go back to see her for a year. Oh, and I will be able to shove them into a pair of heels and totter round like an injured giraffe for the first time in six months. Huzzah!

To celebrate, I had ordered a replacement pair of my favourite-very-comfy boots (Adidas Honey Desert). I was pleased to find them, the original pair were bought in Russia (❤), but they turned out to be available here as well. Just not in my size. Anywhere. I finally located them on the Offspring website, placed my order and sat down to wait impatiently by the door.

Until I realised they’d cancelled my order without bothering to tell me. I was slightly relieved since I’d managed to choose the wrong size, but mostly I was outraged. Raa!

To understand my outrage, you need to understand that I have dreadful feet. When they’re not being destroyed by shoes, they destroy shoes themselves. The current pair of favourite-very-comfy-boots have survived four months of heavy wear, and my heels have now ripped the back of them, revealing some very stabby plastic. But they are fleecy inside and so, so comfy (aside from the stabby plastic). I need to have a new and healthy pair in my life.

Imagine my delight when googling pictures of my favourite shoes, preparing for an angry blog post about how much I hated Offspring and how the world was clearly against me, I found them. USC have them in my size. I don’t know why I didn’t think of USC before – I never do. A friend of mine works there and yet I just don’t seem to register its existence. I can tell you exactly where it is in Brighton, but I don’t think I’ve ever been inside.

Cue frantic ordering of shoes, plus a couple of dresses and a nice green cardie for luck. I’m getting it all delivered to my mum for extra non-international delivery luck. Come on USC. You can do it. Please!

What do you think?

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