Le Stoefer

Le Stoefer looks awesome. Its close to Place du Chatelain, and fits in with the cool vibe of the area. It’s all about the industrial, with bare bulbs, waxed wood, long benches and gloomy minimalism.

The menu is very nice to look at, but not extensive. The choice was really burgers, salads or pittas. However, it’s not expensive.

I went there with some friends for dinner recently. Over the course of about six hours we drank a lot of beer, ate delicious but small burgers (the guys ended up ordering a second burger since they were still hungry), and then proceeded to be treated like shit by one of the waiters.

The service wasn’t great from the start, but when a waiter wandered past, they’d take your order, and they were fairly nice. After we’d eaten, things took a turn for the worse when a big group turned up and they told us we’d have to move as they needed our table for them. We pointed out that, you know, if they wanted to be polite they could have given us some notice about our impending move; but we moved and all seemed to be ok in our new table at the noisy end of the bar.

Until the same waiter came over to us and asked my (admittedly, naturally loud) friend if he could stop SCREAMING as people were trying to eat. 

There is a point at which people reach breaking point with the shitty service they’ve received, and decide to remove themselves from a repressive and abusive atmosphere created by a waiter to make him feel good about himself. This was that point for us and we decided that they could cock right off, and we headed to the more pleasant atmosphere of Roxy for some cocktails. 

I don’t know why people can’t understand. All we want is a friendly bar/restaurant which looks cool and serves good sized, tasty portions of food. Is that so hard?

Damn you, le Stoefer, I thought you were what we were looking for. 

What do you think?

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