Sartorial language barriers

Since arriving in Belgium, I’ve grown a thicker skin (and I don’t just mean the layer of fat that is the obligatory half a stone you put on within your first six months of living here). When most of your friends speak English as a second or third language, you can feel quite insulted on a daily basis unless you man up quite quickly.

Today, my friend told me that ‘actually, I quite like what you’re wearing today. I didn’t want to tell you in front of everyone earlier, though’.
So, you’re suprised that you like it and you don’t want other people to know as it’s a kind of guilty pleasure for you? Fortunately, I know my friend is one of the nicest people alive and simply phrased it in an interesting way. She went on to explain that she hadn’t wanted to tell me in front of everyone in case I felt embarrassed. A little strange, but quite sweet. I’d just spilt a cup of tea on my new boss, so it was probably just as well she didn’t draw any more attention to me.

Of course, some people are just mean, even when translating literally from another language. My best friend once told his girlfriend (who was standing next to me) that ‘Laura wears really nice dresses at work, I don’t know why she has to dress like a bag in her spare time’. The thing I chose to take from this was an appreciation for the phrase ‘dressing like a bag’ which is apparently how it is said in French. How do we say this in English? 
So I move on for another day, pride still in place (just), and a new French expression under my belt.
Repeat after me:
Tu t’habilles comme un sac

Tu t’habilles comme un sac
Tu t’habilles comme un sac

What do you think?

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