What’s in a Name?

Image courtesy of bumpAccording to a recent survey, certain surnames are dying out. This news reminded me of a conversation I once had with a friend who asked if my father was upset that his surname would die out with me, since I'm his only child. This led to a long and complicated conversation, the [...]

Russia – Culture Smart! by Anna King

When I was about five, I received my first atlas. I have a very clear memory of asking my mum what that massive section of the world that seemed to be called USSR was all about. At that instant an obsession was born. One that has continued to this day - intensifying somewhat when I [...]

The Irish Guy

This is my current favourite busker in Brussels. He's referred to as The Irish Guy by my colleagues, or 'your cousin, Paddy O'Flanagan' by my friend Thomas.He normally plays the tin whistle, but I think he's playing a recorder here. I once saw him playing a melodica during a snow storm.  He has a bit of a [...]

Booty issues

After suffering with increasingly bad pain in one foot for two years I finally braved a trip to the podiatrist the other week. She measured and prodded and took moulds and I am now the proud owner of some fairly dainty little insoles. They go quite nicely with my different length legs, flat arches and [...]