Sydney White (2007)

Finally, I’ve found a film that my boyfriend refused to watch!

The story is loosely modelled on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. A more detailed explanation is that Sydney goes to uni (or college, as she probably calls it) and tries to join the sorority that her dead mum was in. Sadly, her dead mum’s sorority are a right bunch of bitches (maybe they were nice in her mum’s day), so she ends up having to stay with seven weirdos who live nearby.

The bitch sorority and the fraternity which is a bit linked with them decide to try and knock down the house of the weirdos to make way for a country club or something, and it’s up to Syds to save the day.

I love Amanda Bynes. I’m not sure why exactly; maybe just that she played my favourite character in Hairspray. She seems to be having some kind of LiLo style breakdown at the moment though, with a string of driving offences, and now a massive cheek piercing. Oh, and she’s given up acting and moved to New York.

I find the concept of Sororities quite confusing. Are they all as horrible as they seem in films? Is it important to have one bitch sorority to keep the horrible girls out of the others? Deep, deep confusion. There were other questions, but I’ve forgotten them.

This is not a good film. It’s really not. However, it’s a very watchable way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

What do you think?

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