The Fighter (2010)

Half way through watching this film, my mum piped up to ask ‘well, if this is a true story, who’s it about?’

Umm… well, the main character is called Micky Ward, so I guess it’s about him, Mum. 

I love films set in Boston, they remind me to be proud of my Irish side. The problem with being Anglo-Irish is that most other people in the UK are to some degree as well. People don’t really understand if you want to get in touch with your heritage, and then you have to have the ‘I’m more Irish than you’ argument, and things get a little weird. 

I digress. 

Wonderful acting – I can see why this won awards. Am I the only person who’s constantly surprised that Mark Wahlberg is a good actor? 

What do you think?

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