Tales from the Metro

I’m not sure why, but on my particular metro line, and, in fact, at my particular station, people often seem very concerned with whether or not the trams stop at Gare du Midi. They do. They always do. Well, unless you go the wrong way, or catch the 92 or 7, which don’t, but stop in a different place at the station anyway. 

This morning, as a case in point, a lady asked the guy standing next to her whether the tram would stop at Midi, and how long it would take to get there. The guy replied that yes it did, and would take between five and six minutes. She then asked how many stops, to which, after some thought he replied ‘five, no four, no, definitely five’.
Confusion reigned at each stop. She would start by saying ‘but this is Midi, isn’t it?’, to which he would reply, ‘No, it’s Albert/Horta/Parvis de Saint Gilles/Porte de Hal’.  
Eventually he became tired of all this communicating and said, ‘But look, I’m getting off at Midi, so I’ll just take you with me when I do’.

Sadly I got off at the stop before so missed whether he followed through with his promise or not.  

Waiting for my connection at Porte de Hal, a woman walked past me shivering. She was wearing suit trousers, a jumper and a scarf. Admittedly it was a balmy -2°C this morning (we have seen -15°C quite recently), but this was too much too soon (or too little, depending on how you look at it).

Arriving at Arts Loi, the entrance hall smelt pleasantly of baked beans.

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