James Bond: Thunderball (1965)

Bloody hell! Old Thunder Balls has only gone and got himself a flipping JET PACK! 
To help him recover from his Jetpack Joyride, M sends him off to a clinic where he (I think this is the only way I can describe this) rapes his physiotherapist. I mean, she eventually wants to, repeatedly, but she definitely says no beforehand. Jesus wept, James, this is the kind of shit I’d except from Felix Leiter, not you. 
Anyway, glossing over that unfortunate incident, he goes off looking for some nuclear warheads in the top half of a wetsuit, has some (consensual) underwater sex, and does his usual James Bond thing.
Most people don’t seem to like this film so much, but I found it the best of the four I’ve now watched. There was enough going on to keep me interested, and it moved along quickly. 
The only negative would be that I didn’t really like the Tom Jones theme song – this Johnny Cash offering is way better in my eyes.

What do you think?

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