James Bond: Goldfinger (1964)

Everything he touches turns to excitement, eh? Want to place bets on what he’s touching in that first picture?

James gets some cool gadgets, boots it off somewhere exotic, steals Goldfinger’s girlfriend, has sex with someone (the famous Pussy Galore, no less) until they agree to help him, then tries to stop Goldfinger from stealing all the gold in Fort Knox. 
This film is probably worth watching for the amazingly poor quality green screen work in the Florida* section of this film. Although I also love the section with the most stupid gangsters in the whole of America getting all freaked out and confused every time anything happens.
‘Hey, what’s happenin’ here?’
‘Whatcha doin’ now?’
*As an aside, did you know that the rapper Flo Rida is pronounced as Florida on French-Belgian radio stations. 

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