Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence

I read this book for two reasons
1. It’s naughty
2. My friend was reading it, and it’s unacceptable for other people to have read something I haven’t

I finished it for two reasons
1. My friend told me there were some good sex scenes in it
2. I’d taken it to England with me, it was the only book I’d brought, it was Christmas eve and I was expecting some new books the next day

I hated it for six reasons
1. connexions, and worse, love connexions
2. the bitch goddess, success
3. the sex was in fact very dull
4. The anal scene (if it was that), was highly disappointing and vague 
5. It turned out I didn’t need to read it as my friend gave up after getting annoyed with hearing about the bitch goddess one too many times
6. I don’t like it when people name their genitalia

I liked one scene
1. At one point, Clifford got his bath chair stuck trying to chug up a hill, and Connie and Mellors had to push him up in it. That was the highlight of the entire book

I learnt one thing from reading this book
1. How to say horses (many) in Russian: кони. Pronounced Connie, and probably my Russian friends favourite thing about the book. Honestly speaking, I learnt it from him, not the book

What do you think?

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