Sydney White (2007)

Finally, I've found a film that my boyfriend refused to watch!The story is loosely modelled on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. A more detailed explanation is that Sydney goes to uni (or college, as she probably calls it) and tries to join the sorority that her dead mum was in. Sadly, her dead mum's [...]

Irish Ghost Stories by Padraic O’Farrell

When I was young I used to devour ghost stories. I'd stay with my auntie and uncle a couple of times a month and hunt through their book shelves for my cousin's abandoned books about hauntings. I'd get so scared that I couldn't sleep for days; sometimes even now I have to take a running [...]

Introducing Alfie

This is Alfie. A friend of a friend found him in her garden and by a series of happy coincidences, he ended up living with Ben and I. I think his favourite thing about living with us is the food which we provide. It's quite difficult to cook anything with him around. Today for example, [...]